Liquid Gold Therapy

The distant dream of that celebrity grade glowing and spotless skin isn’t that distant anymore.

Introducing Liquid Gold Therapy at NiZ Clinic,

a scientifically proven, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that tones and tightens the skin by improving the skin elasticity, quality and tone. Covering most bases such as the non-surgical cosmetic treatment itself along with diet, sleep and lifestyle, Liquid Gold Therapy stimulates collagen production that improves appearance of your skin and assists in the treatment of a variety of conditions including hair loss.

Liquid Gold Therapy

How it works?

After placing the patient's blood in a specialised centrifuge apparatus, the liquid gold is then extracted from the blood sample. After that, the natural substance is injected into the skin or the particular location that needs attention. This therapy helps to address a broad variety of skin issues while also improving the overall look of your skin. Collagen production is boosted as a result of this treatment. Each session of the treatment lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

How effective is it?

Before starting any kind of treatment, it's best to get a consultation first, provided complimentary by NiZ Clinics. Typically, depending on the extent of the area, three to six treatments spaced out every four to six weeks are recommended. The treatment's effects should become noticeable within 6-12 weeks, and the improvements should persist for up to a year. Good results can be guaranteed by maintaining a healthy weight, limiting caffeine and alcohol use, and getting enough shut-eye.


If you want to treat hair loss, please be aware that the liquid gold therapy application is meant to be used only as part of a comprehensive hair rejuvenation program supervised by your GP, specialist or cosmetic / hair clinic. Patients will progress at different rates depending on their age, general health, baseline condition of your skin and hair and the period since the hair loss first occurred.

6-12 w
to see result
45+ min
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LIQUID GOLD THERAPY at NiZ Clinic: The Science behind the Magic

What are the uses?
Boosts natural collagen production
Rejuvenation and regenerate skin
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Pigmentation correction
Reduces Dark circles
Improves skin tone and texture
Promotes hair growth
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