Body Sculpting

Shedding those extra pounds could be challenging.

What if there is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that could chisel away that fat and tighten skin safely?

Body contouring, commonly referred to as Body sculpting is an alternative method to liposuction. With the help of Cutera TruSculpt iD®, our experts at NiZ Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Gold Coast get rid of those stubborn fat deposits safely with practically no downtime.

TruSculpt iD®

How it works?

In NiZ Cosmetics and Laser Clinic, we use the innovative TruSculpt iD. It is the best available body sculpting technology that has been scientifically proven to eliminate fat cells and it works on all body types. It uses Radio frequency waves to trigger apoptosis (natural cell death) and eliminate body fat. Results are visible and are reviewed in 12 weeks.

How good is it?

TruSculpt iD is completely customizable, making it possible to efficiently treat any part of the body (exclusions apply like face, genitals, chest wall etc).

TruSculpt iD targets fat with radiofrequency that tightens the skin at the same time.

Using TruSculpt iD has minimal discomfort.

The size of the treated area and the number of treated regions determine the length of the treatment.

Typically, when using TruSculpt iD only 1 treatment is required to reduce fat by 24%. After 12 weeks, the results become apparent.


You do not need to do anything special after the treatment apart from keeping yourself well hydrated which means you can get on with your life as usual, immediately after the treatment.

12 w
to see result
15 min
treatment time
Avg Review

Safe and Effective Body Contouring with Body Sculpting at NiZ Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, Gold Coast

No downtime
Trusculpt targets stubborn fat
Treat several regions at once, including the double chin, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, flanks and belly.
Just 15 minute treatment
Up to 24% Fat is reduced in one treatment
Dashboard mockup

Before / After

Here you can see the progress that we've made with our patients throughout time.(Top Before - Bottom After)

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