Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles start to show and the exposure to elements also does its fair share of harm.

The Best Way to Reduce Wrinkles

Utilizing advanced cosmetic solutions, NiZ Clinic's wrinkle reduction treatment provides exceptional results, offering a refreshed and youthful look that appears natural. Our skilled cosmetic physicians and registered nurses specialize in reducing lines and wrinkles, giving you a softer, more radiant appearance.

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

How it works?

Our wrinkle reduction treatment works by relaxing and softening facial muscles responsible for lines and wrinkles, helping to prevent the formation of deeper static lines over time. The number of units required varies depending on the treatment area and individual factors. Your treatment plan remains valid for twelve months, with periodic consultations required for updates before subsequent treatments are administered.

How effective is it?

Results from our wrinkle reduction treatment can last up to four months, with the possibility of reducing dosage with regular treatments. Minimal downtime is needed for recovery, and you'll start noticing improvements in as little as three days, with results lasting up to four months. We recommend follow-up treatments to maintain optimal results.


All clients must be at least 18 years of age and should provide medical history and address any concerns.

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What are the uses?

Our wrinkle reduction treatment can address various conditions,

Forehead and frown lines
Crow’s feet
Smile lines
Brow lift
Vertical lip lines above the mouth (aka smokers lines)
Gummy smile
Jawline (Masseter muscle), chin shaping and Medical treatments such as Teeth grinding and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
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Before / After

Here you can see the progress that we've made with our patients throughout time. (Top Before - Bottom After)

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