Skin Analysis & Consultation

Analysis defines the course of the plan.

We at Niz Cosmetic Clinic use state-of-the-art analytic

tech OBSERV® 520x to help us understand your specific skin concerns, draft a skin treatment plan for existing conditions and address underlying concerns ranging from wrinkles to skin tone.

How it works?
Upon scanning, the analyzer provides six different images of your skin. Based on this thorough and accurate information, we’ll prescribe a personal skin treatment plan that will ensure the best long-term skin health possible.

How good is it?

Our professional skin analysis does more than just pinpoint problem areas; it also provides a baseline against which to measure future improvements. At least twice a year, have a professional analyse your skin with the Observ 520x so you can keep close tabs on your skin's progress and solve any issues you're having with it.

Perosnalised skin care plan
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The Observ 520x will examine:

We use the latest analytic technology

What are the benefits?
Wrinkles and fine lines
The oil content of your skin that causes acne and blemishes
Assesses the severity of pigmentation, freckles, sun spots and age spots
The true size of skin pores
Skin dehydration or the moisture content in the skin
Loss of skin firmness
Your skin tone
Dashboard mockup

Before / After

Here you can see the progress that we've made with our patients throughout time. (Top Before - Bottom After)

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