Laser Genesis

The ultimate skin revitalization. A Safe and Effective Way to Get Younger-Looking Skin.

At Niz Cosmetic & Laser Clinic, Gold Coast

a popular, comfortable and relaxing skin laser treatment Laser Genesis can stimulate collagen synthesis reducing fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and redness using cutting-edge Cutera Excel V+ laser.

Laser Genesis Treatment

How it works?

Laser GenesisTM is effective because it evenly distributes laser energy across thousands of micro pulses, softly heating the skin's surface. Collagen is stimulated, which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps treat disorders like rosacea and poikiloderma of civatte.

How effective is it?

Subtle yet persistent, Laser GenesisTM's effects are not immediately apparent, but they do begin to show up within a few weeks. Maintenance of benefits is achievable with monthly treatments.


Avoid prolonged sun exposure prior to treatment.

100% relaxing treatment
No pain
No downtime
min 3 treatments recommended

This safe and effective procedure uses the latest Cutera Excel V+ laser technology

What are the Benefits?
Treats redness
Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles
Tighten skin by bulk collagen production
Improves skin texture and quality
Reduces pore sizes
Green genesis can improve pigmentation
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